Monday, October 30, 2017

Chapter 6 - Indiano

Indiano... Oh my beautiful Indiano. I can’t tell his entire story for many reasons but it is not a pretty one... He is also dead now - probably for the best in the end. His story is so tragic and so horrible but I can’t share it for it’s very sensitive information. But I can tell you a bit of it. My part. So well I traded Indiano with a friend of mine who got Hechicero from me. She had just bought him from Spain when her destiny changed, Indiano was a very high-energy, sensitive horse and she being pregnant - needed a easier horse at that time so she got the gentleman and I got what would turn out to be the horse of my dreams. We noticed pretty early on that Indiano had a very sensitive mouth so we took him to the dentist to get it checked out and it just looked horrible... His teeth were deformed and he had wounds from sharp teeth pretty much through the entire mouth. Luckily we were able to save him - his mouth was in so bad shape that another year would have made the damage beyond repair. But fortunately after going to the vet on several occasions to treat the mouth we were able to save him. Indiano was everything I wanted. We would ride on trails in the forests or just work with amazing Alta escuala schooling - since he was trained by a rider from Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre in Jerez. Sounds fancy right ;)

Indiano would go through anything! He was so courageous and brave and even if we met flooded rivers on our canter he would just bark through them like a true war horse of old. I loved being on his back. I don’t think I’ve ever loved riding a horse as much as I did riding him. He came her early winter... but when the high summer came and bugs started to fill up where I lived Indiano panicked... He got so hyper allergic to the mosquitoes than even though we let him stay inside, had a blanket on or spray him he scratched himself bloody and threw himself against the wall. I was devastated. If I could trade anything to have helped him I would but I had to make the very heart breaking decision to send him away to save him, or so I thought. I remember leading him onto the transport and he put his head in my arms as I wept. We closed the doors to the big truck who would take him South and Indianos screams cut through me like a knife... I heard him until the truck had faded away and it was not possible to hear it anymore and I broke down... My dream was gone... And to him... the nightmare had just begun... He died alone, forgotten in a pasture, lame from cancer, teeth back to where I started and I will never ever forgive myself for failing him...

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